On ‘Hot Feminists’

Nicki Smith

I instantly feel guilty and remorseful for not shouting ‘hurrah!’ about the publication of a much-hyped book piece of PopCult on feminism, especially when said book is already getting totally slated (and especially given that I believe in sticking-together feminism).  But, nevertheless, the whole topic – and title – of the book depresses me immensely, because it highlights exactly why so many of my students don’t seem to think that feminism is something that they ‘need’ any more.  Feminism, it seems, denotes ‘freedom to look like a sexy babe’.  Look like a sexy babe?  Congratulations.  You don’t need to engage in feminism.  Why?  Because you don’t need it, or alternatively already qualify as it.  Forget any kind of collective agenda for economic and social justice – this stuff is all about the heels. And the hope for sexual liberation instead becomes the demand to be sexually liberal. Sorry, Polly, but this feminist is not a fan.

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